Research Practices

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Cultural evolution in research practices

Three Research Projects and one Applied Working Group are addressing this theme. Find out more by clicking on the titles:

Cultural evolution in global health research [Applications theme, PI Angela Obasi]: This project investigates the extent to which a ‘reflexivity statement’ in journal submissions reduces ‘parachute research’ through cultural transmission of equitable attitudes.

Is generalizability to the Global South predictable? [Reality theme, PI Anisha Singh]: This project interrogates the research practice of applying behavioural science conceived and tested in the Global North to the Global South.

How do we know whether others mean what they communicate? [Globalization theme, PI Alejandro Erut]: This project develops and tests methods for investigating epistemic strategies (cognitive mechanisms to assess the validity of information in the environment) cross-culturally.

Culture as a Tool [PI Andrew Buskell]: This Applied Working Group aims to reckon with the ways academics, policy makers and the public use the term culture to categorise people and as a tool in policy.