Novel versus Traditional Attitudes

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Cultural transmission of novel (or global) attitudes that conflict with traditional (or local) attitudes

Seven Research Projects are addressing this theme. Find out more by clicking on the titles:

Gender norm (mis)perception as barriers to positive change in Tanzania [Reality theme, PI David Lawson]: This project investigates traditional/rural versus novel/urban attitudes to women’s empowerment, with a focus on biases in the cultural transmission of these attitudes.

Globalisation and Youth development in Thailand [Globalization theme, PI Jessica McKenzie]: This project investigates community-focused (rural) versus autonomous (urban/global) attitudes and biases in the modes or media of cultural transmission.

Globalization, culture and well-being in Congo [Globalization theme, PI Adam Boyette]: This project investigates local versus globalization-driven practices (e.g., cash economy) and the cultural transmission of these practices.

Cultural evolution of conservation practices [Applications theme, PI Thomas Currie]: This project investigates biases involved in the cultural transmission of novel human-wildlife conflict mitigation strategies.

Institutional legacy and policy effectiveness in Benin [Applications theme, PI Marco Fabbri]: This project investigates the potential detrimental effect on women’s empowerment of land reforms providing women land tenure, if traditional attitudes oppose gender equality (institutionally imposed vs. natural transmission).

Traditional Luhya mourning rituals [Applications theme, PI Stephen Asatsa]: This project aims (i) to identify sources of conflict between Christian and traditional mourning and grief rituals, and (ii) to examine the role of mourning rituals in the transmission of knowledge.

Globalization of kinship norms in Mauritius [Globalization theme, PI Nachita Rosun]: This project considers how social norms around family roles and relationships are impacted by economic changes, education, and access to international media. [Seedcorn award project]