Health and Well-Being

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Cultural evolution and health & well-being

Six Research Projects are addressing this theme. Find out more by clicking on the titles:

Exploratory learning in human adaptation [Creativity theme, PI Helen Taylor]: This project co-produces research with exploratory thinkers (such as dyslexic individuals), in part, to enhance their well-being.

Is generalizability to the Global South predictable? [Reality theme, PI Anisha Singh]: This project investigates the applicability to the Global South of behavioural science conceived and tested in the Global North to assess the potential for harm if such science is used to determine policy in the Global South.

Globalisation and Youth development in Thailand [Globalisation theme, PI Jessica McKenzie]: This project investigates the well-being of adolescents faced with resolving the conflict between received community-focused (rural) and autonomous (urban/global) attitudes.

Globalization, culture and well-being in Congo [Globalization theme, PI Adam Boyette]: This project investigates the cultural transmission of ‘globalization’ practices and their impact on the well-being of local people.

Traditional Luhya mourning rituals [Applications theme, PI Stephen Asatsa]: This project investigates the therapeutic value of indigenous mourning rituals and redresses the Global-North imposition of identification of mental health issues and effective therapies.

Cultural evolution in global health research [Applications theme, PI Angela Obasi]: This project investigates a tool to enhance equity within, and thus the efficacy of, global health research which traditionally involves much ‘parachute research’.