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Cultural evolution and Education

Four Research Projects and two Applied Working Groups are addressing this theme. Find out more by clicking on the titles:

Exploratory learning in human adaptation [Creativity theme, PI Helen Taylor]: This project has a focus on the inclusion of exploratory thinkers (such as dyslexic individuals) in school for their strengths, rather than for their difficulties.

Globalization’s ethical implications on curricula [Globalization theme, PI Kisor Chakrabarti]: This project addresses the ethics regarding how globalization and cultural variation is portrayed in schools around the world.

Globalization and Youth development in Thailand [Globalization theme, PI Jessica McKenzie]: This project aims to work with Thai schools to introduce healthy strategies for dealing with conflict of traditional versus global attitudes.

Culture as a Tool [PI Andrew Buskell]: This Applied Working Group aims to educate academics, policy makers and the public regarding the ethics of how culture is used to categorise people and as a tool in policy.

Hunter-gatherer education in a changing world [PI Jennifer Hays]: This Applied Working Group focuses on the benefits of diverse education traditions and the inclusion of diverse education practices and learners.

Globalization of kinship norms in Mauritius [Globalization theme, PI Nachita Rosun]: This project considers the role of increased education in changing everyday social norms around family roles and relationships. [Seedcorn award project]