Amplifying Marginalized Voices

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Amplifying marginalized voices through cultural evolution research

Eight Research Projects and two Applied Working Groups are addressing this theme. Find out more by clicking on the titles:

Exploratory learning in human adaptation [Creativity theme, PI Helen Taylor]: This project co-produces research with dyslexic individuals, in part, to remedy their marginalization in educational settings.

How do people make and change rules? [Creativity theme, PI Sarah Mathews]: This project consults with and/or co-produces research with indigenous people in Kenya.

Gender norm (mis)perception as barriers to positive change in Tanzania [Reality theme, PI David Lawson]: This project consults with and/or co-produces research with indigenous cultures in Tanzania and has a focus on women’s empowerment.

Is generalizability to the Global South predictable? [Reality theme, PI Anisha Singh]: This project investigates the applicability to the Global South of behavioural science conceived and tested in the Global North, in order to assess the potential for harm if such science is used to determine policy in the Global South.

Globalization, culture and well-being in Congo [Globalization theme, PI Adam Boyette]: This project considers indigenous attitudes towards natural resource management and globalization-driven practices.

People and birds working together – differently [Globalization theme, PI Jessica van der Wal]: This project consults with indigenous subsistence/hunter-gatherer cultures across many countries in Africa.

Institutional legacy and policy effectiveness in Benin [Applications theme, PI Marco Fabbri]: This project consults with indigenous cultures, of varying gender views, in Benin, West Africa and has a focus on women’s empowerment.

Traditional Luhya mourning rituals [Applications theme, PI Stephen Asatsa]: One of the research aims is to promote the value of indigenous mourning practices among Kenyan mental health practitioners.

Hunter-gatherer education in a changing world [PI Jennifer Hays]: This Applied Working Group aims to remedy the marginalization of hunter-gatherer communities from education and society.

Cultural evolution in natural resource management & conservation [PI Richard Berl]: A key aim of this working group is to emphasize indigenous voices and their sustainable ways of life.