The Social Instinct

Book out now by one of our funded researchers

The Social Instinct: out now in paperback

One of our funded projects will be conducted by Nichola Raihani and Alex Stewart. It builds on themes explained in Nichola’s new book, which explores when and why humans cooperate – and what we have in common with other social species on the planet. The Social Instinct starts by examining cooperation on a small scale, exploring how genes and cells work together to form coherent individuals. It then zooms out to examine cooperation in families and smaller groups, before turning to the issues that are especially relevant for our own species: how cooperation can be sustained in large-scale societies, and how we can tackle the global challenges our species now faces.

In their CES-funded project, Nichola Raihani and Alex Stewart will address the question raised at the end of the book, and the video below: how can we harness our human proclivity for cooperation to enhance our collective futures? Find out more about the project here and watch this space for how to get involved.

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