Registration Opens for CES 24 and the Transformation Fund Capstone Conferences!

Registration for the CES 2024 Conference (‘CES 24’) and the CES Transformation Fund Capstone Conference (‘Capstone’) has opened! These are two separate, but linked conferences, and you can register for one or both here. Both conferences take place in Durham, beginning with CES 24 from 9th-11th September, followed immediately by the Capstone from 12th-13th September.

CES 24 is the biennial Cultural Evolution Society conference, featuring five keynote speakers (Patrícia Izar, Barry Hewlett, Kathleen Corriveau, Kevin Lala, and Young Investigator award winner Nicole Wen), and a host of other talks to be announced in due course.

The 2-day Capstone Conference will feature presentations from each of our funded Research Projects, Applied Working Groups, and Seedcorn Projects.

Both conferences will also feature workshops and other social events such as poster sessions, drinks receptions, and dinners.

We look forward to welcoming you to Durham in September!

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