Capstone Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Capstone Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the conference?

The Capstone Conference will take place at Durham University, UK, in the Calman Learning Centre. It is a fully hybrid conference and online attendance is free. Your physical attendance is covered by the invoice you submitted to us, however if any additional team members would like to physically attend, they can do so for a fee of £32.50 per day (to cover room hire, lunch and refreshments). We encourage you to make use of the free online attendance by inviting policymakers, community members, and other non-academics to register so they can listen to talks from your and others’ projects. You can use this link to explore the mechanisms parliaments globally use to access academic research.

How do I get to Durham?

Durham is accessible by train (or car) with good connections to Newcastle Airport and direct trains from London and Edinburgh (you may also consider Manchester). Please think about the sustainability of your travel choices and refrain from driving where possible. Please view the CES 2024 Conference ‘About Durham’ page, to find out more about our small city.

Where can I stay during the conference?

There are several options for accommodation. Below are the options which we recommend to our delegates. Please refer to your June Newsletter or email Sarah Wright at for details regarding how to book, utilising discounts that have been agreed with the Univeristy. However, sites such as, and Airbnb will include alternative accommodation options.

Durham University College Accommodation:

Hotel Indigo

  • 16 min walk from conference venue
  • £139 for a standard double room with breakfast, car parking included, including VAT
  • Free cancellation or amendments up to 24 hours prior to arrival

Radisson Blu

  • 27 min walk from conference venue
  • £111 for a standard room (single occupancy), car parking included, including VAT
  • double occupancy supplement of £10 per person per night

Marriot Delta Hotels Durham County

  • 15 min walk from conference venue
  • £108 for a standard room (single occupancy), including VAT
  • £118 for a standard room (double occupancy), including VAT
  • Car parking to be paid at hotel

The Kingslodge Inn

How long is my talk?

All talks apart from the Seedcorn Projects session should last approximately 20 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions (25 minutes total). Seedcorn Project Lightning talks should last approximately 6-8 minutes plus 2-4 minutes for questions (10 minutes total).

Can other members of my team join me in giving my talk?

Yes, as long as the total talk length does not exceed the permitted time.

What format should my poster be in?

Posters should be portrait and A1 in size. We have arranged printing with a local business in Durham. Full instructions are included in your information package from Underline, our hybrid providers. Please ensure your poster is submitted for printing by 19th August if you wish to make use of the printing arrangements. You can of course arrange your own printing instead.

What is the “Show and Tell” session?

The “Show and Tell” session replaces what would have been a traditional poster session. We hope it will be more engaging!  There are three main types of presentations, and we encourage you to be creative and make the most of the session.

  1. Physical posters for non-talk presenting attendees. If members of your Research Project or Applied Working Group are attending but not presenting, they are invited [WLC1] to present a poster during this session.
  2. Virtual poster for talk presenters (and non-presenting attendees that don’t want to submit a physical poster).
  3. Physical exhibits for talk presenters.

The physical exhibits could take the form of video, audio, physical objects and/or outreach materials, or anything else you would like to use to provide further insight into your research project, applied working group or seedcorn project. You will have access to a poster board and a table on which you could place your object(s) of interest and/or your laptop to display audio/video etc.  We may also be able to access a few larger screens if required.  If you have any queries about the feasibility of your proposed “Show and Tell” presentation or AV requirements, please contact Sarah Wright at

What will the impact workshop comprise?

This will be a 45-minute session to share information and advice regarding impact and how to best approach policymakers and other relevant (non-academic) stakeholders. The session will be provided by Adam Holden, Durham University’s Senior Impact and Engagement Manager, working in the University’s Research and Innovation Services department. Adam will also hold a drop-in stall at other points of the conference where you will be able to book a short slot to have a one-to-one or small group conversation with him about your project, to ask for more tailored advice.

What service is Nifty Fox providing? What is a ‘Live Scribe’?

Nifty Fox will attend the conference and ‘Live Scribe’ during each of the presentations. This video provides a comprehensive account of what a Live Scribe does and why they can be useful, but some of the key points are:

  • The Live Scribe will create an infographic of your talk – including illustrations, text, and some key quotes.  The infographic will summarise your project in an accessible way for those not in your research field, non-academics and the general public.
  • The infographic is drawn during your talk, and whilst this process is normally livestreamed to a separate projector during your talk, we will instead be reserving some time at the end of each theme session for the Nifty Fox Scribe to show their work.
  • You will have the opportunity to provide a number of rounds of revisions on your infographic to Nifty Fox, after the Capstone Conference.

I have a young child that has to travel with me, will there be crèche/childcare facilities?

We care about working parents, and we are planning to provide childcare for the whole conference, at no extra cost. Information regarding childcare will be taken from you during registration.

I am chestfeeding my child, will there be facilities to accommodate this?

Yes, we are a chestfeeding-friendly conference, and you are welcome to chestfeed anywhere on site. There will also be a private lactation area for those who would prefer to use it.

I am neurodivergent/disabled, how will the conference accommodate my needs?

We will ensure we can accommodate as many different needs as possible across the conference. We will have a quiet space and lift access to the conference venue and have reserved accessible rooms in the college accommodation. You will be able to indicate any accessibility needs for presenting talks/posters/show and tell exhibitions by emailing Sarah Wright at

Will there be a suitable space for me to pray during the conference?

Yes, Durham University’s Islamic Prayer Room is located close to the conference venue and will be made available to our attendees. We are also providing a quiet space in the conference venue which can be used for quiet activities including prayer.

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