Announcement of funded awards

We are excited to announce the projects that this grant scheme will fund

We are pleased to announce our Research Projects and Applied Working Groups

After a thorough application, review and selection process, funding has been awarded. Find out more about each one by clicking on the title:

Variation in Creativity and Imagination

Cooperation and cumulative culture Principal Investigator: Alex Mesoudi

Exploratory learning in human adaptation Principal Investigator: Helen Taylor

Genome of melody Principal Investigator: Jan Hajic

How do people make and change rules? Principal Investigator: Sarah Mathew

How stories make us creative Principal Investigator: Wojciech Małecki

Cultural Influences on Access to ‘Reality’

Is generalizability to the Global South predictable? Principal Investigator: Anisha Singh

What do other men think about women’s empowerment? Principal Investigator: David Lawson

The Impact of Globalization on Cultures

Globalization and youth development Principal Investigator: Jessica McKenzie

Globalization, culture and well-being in Congo Principal Investigator: Adam Boyette

Globalization’s ethical implications on curricula Principal Investigator: Kisor Chakrabarti

People and birds working together – differently Principal Investigator: Jessica van der Wal

Applying Cultural Evolution to Enhance Global Human Futures

An innovation arms-race between parrots and humans? Principal Investigator: Lucy Aplin

Collective action and interdependence Principal Investigator: Nichola Raihani

Cultural evolution of conservation practices Principal Investigator: Thomas Currie

Institutional legacy and policy effectiveness Principal Investigator: Marco Fabbri

Traditional Luhya mourning rituals Principal Investigator: Stephen Asatsa

Cultural Evolution in Global Health Research Principal Investigator: Angela Obasi

Applied Working Groups

Culture as a tool Principal Investigator: Andrew Buskell

Hunter-Gatherer Education Principal Investigator: Jennifer Hays

Natural Resource Management Principal Investigator: Richard Berl

Sustainability Principal Investigator: Rebecca Koomen

Congratulations to all Principal Investigators and their teams!

In addition to the themes of the call, there are seven emergent themes that cut across the awards:

Many thanks from the grant team to everyone involved at any stage in the scheme: all 115 original applicants and those putting in additional effort at the full application stage, the many many reviewers inside and outside of the CES, the Advisory Board, Richard McElreath for ensuring a fair ranking process, Fiona Jordan for oversight of the outline application round, and everyone who spread the word and supported this endeavour in some way.

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